Traffic Management Jobs & Careers

Are you looking for a traffic management job or career?  Greenlight Highways are always on the lookout for individuals who are driven, hardworking.  We need workers who are able to work well within a team where they’ll be expected to coordinate with others to get the job done.

What Sort of Roles are there?

Traffic management jobs encompass a range of roles and responsibilities focused on the efficient and safe movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and other forms of transportation within a given area.

These jobs are vital for ensuring smooth traffic flow, reducing congestion, enhancing road safety, and optimizing transportation systems. Here’s an overview of traffic management jobs:

Traffic Management Job Vacancies with Greenlight Highways

Greenlight Highways provides a variety of traffic management services, requiring relevant skills and experience including:

When we have specific job vacancies we advertise them using Indeed.

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Training & Equipment

You will be provided with all the necessary PPE and industry standard training. There will be plenty of incentives to take your career forward should you wish to do so.

Temporary traffic lights in use on road with direction arrows for traffic - Greenlight Highways Ltd

Traffic Control Setup/Supervison

Traffic Management Jobs - road traffic operative collecting road sign after roadworks finished.

Traffic System Logistics

Example CAD drawing of road traffic management and planning by Greenlight Highways Ltd

Computer Aided Design (CAD)